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Sell My House in Joliet, IL

For over 26 years, I have helped residents navigate the real estate market. I have a proven track record of getting great results for my clients. Each property is unique and requires a custom approach to highlight the best features. I position the property in the best way possible based on my knowledge of the local market and focus on online and local marketing.

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1. Search – Find a Real Estate Agent

I know the home selling can be emotional and stressful experience and finding an agent that is tuned to your needs is extremely important. I will uncover your motivation for selling, establish a timeline and create a marketing plan, and see how your home compares with others on the market.

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2. Value – Learn Your Home’s Market Value

I will determine the home’s market value, taking into consideration such variables as features, size, location, school district, market demand, and recent sales history. I will share with you a comparative market analysis (CMA), that will help us establish a list price that will attract buyers and drive maximum interest to your property.

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3. List – List Your Home

Signing listing agreement. Listing agreement gives me permission to advertise and handle the sale of your home. It also covers the basic terms of our mutual commitment, including the length of time the home will be listed. We will also discuss the selling strategy and what to expect next as we dive deeper into the process.

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4. Market – Market Your Home

Customize the marketing plan for the home. I will combine the industry technology and robust online marketing strategy with tried-and-true techniques like professional photos, print and online advertising and open houses. I also maintain relationships with local buyer’s agents and alert them of upcoming listing. This expansive network combined with local expertise allows for a strong position and exposure to the market.

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5. Negotiate – Negotiate the Best Price

26 years of real estate negotiation will help us leverage every negotiation tool to help you make the best deal possible and arrive at the terms that both you and the buyer can agree upon. I will explain terms of the offer, it’s contingencies and buyer’s financing.

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6. Finish – Seal the Deal

Closing date – the day you have been waiting for! I will be in a constant contact through the transaction steps, engaging with the buyer’s agent, attorney and lender to ensure inspections are performed, appraisal completed, financing approved on time, and all the necessary documents are provided. Then, sign on the dotted line, and congratulations! You have just sold your home.